Stargazing is not possible on short notice, since a presenter needs to be engaged and a minimum group size applies.


Access to Deelfontein is impossible without prior notice. The entrance gate is locked  and there is no telephone reception either at the  gate or elsewhere on the farm. 


The directions are available in the column on the right and on the main page. Please print out the directions and do not rely on GPS alone. You cannot phone when lost, because there is no reception.


  Deelfontein Observatory

The Site

Deelfontein lies in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, a largely undisturbed nature area where light pollution is minimal and the night sky is dark enough for serious astronomical observation. Deelfontein lies 140km from Johannesburg, 20km from Parys, 14km from Vredefort, and 45km from Potchefstroom in the Free State.

The Facilities

The observatory at Deelfontein is an open, circular structure where telescopes can be positioned, with seating for up to 20 persons. In the adjacent seminar room, presentations may be held. Accommodation is available in two guest houses, a rondavel, and the bush camp. Information elsewhere on this website.

The Equipment

Schmidt-Cassegrain 12" teleskope (Meade) with automatic control; 3" refractor;  10" Dobsonian teleskope. Visitors are welcome to bring their own equipment. Use of the Meade is possible only under supervision by a member of the Pretoria Astronomy Association or after suitable training.

Stargazing excursions

Excursions cost between R100 and R200 per person depending upon group size. Excursions are advertised on this website under Events. Groups may request excursions provided enough advance notice is given to arrange a presenter. Stargazing is offered mostly in winter, when cloudy conditions are improbable. The optimal conditions for stargazing are around two weeks before and one week after new moon. Guests are welcome to use the accommodation at Deelfontein. Rates appear elsewhere on this website.


Astronomical research is possible at Deelfontein Observatory and is welcomed. Use of the facilities for overnight guests is free.




Gerhard 083 280 9784









On Deelfontein, there are change rooms, showers, and braai facilities as well as accommodation available in two guest houses and a bush camp.