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Become a friend -- Deelfontein needs you!

The idea        At Deelfontein, a secluded farm in the near-pristine mountain landscape of the Vredefort Dome, a centre for courses, music, arts and crafts seminars, and any group activity that require concentration on a common goal, is being developed as a private enterprise without external funding since 2005. In today's society with its fast tempo and full diaries, silence, seclusion, and beautiful natural surroundings are precious resources that enhance effective learning experiences and allow us to escape from the rat race and find fresh perspectives on life.

The philosophy        Respect for the environment, sustainability, simplicity, and holism are the guiding principles for the developments undertaken at Deelfontein, whether it be buildings, hiking routes or mountain bike trails, growing vegetables and fruit, or keeping goats, sheep and cattle. The visitor or course participant does not simply pursue a specific goal in an appropriate facility. He or she is immersed in an intact environment which presents challenges intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically in a total experience. Deelfontein, literally "shared fountain", means a resource providing for many.

The need       The arts retreat at Deelfontein was established to provide in the need for affordable facilities and education in the music and arts sectors. A performance of classical music seldom covers the expenses incurred, by the same token, the participants from the target market for the courses, master classes and music projects presented here, cannot cover the costs, let alone contribute to the capital investment required to erect the facilities. Certain sectors, like musical education for children and students, can never be cost effective. Others, like Early Music in South Africa, need nurturing until they can fend for themselves in the open market. To prevent the irreparable impoverishment of our cultural life, addressing these needs with vision and idealism is essential.

The options   Become a Friend of Deelfontein. There are various possibilities to help:

  • Support our performances.

  • Non-financial support like working on the farm, help with public relations, etc.

  • Financial support in lieu of future use of the facilities.

  • Donations with no conditions, anonymously or with acknowledgement.

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Bank details

  • ABSA savings account FONSPARTIT 9224520633, with reference "Donation Deelfontein"

  • Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw: IBAN  DE11 6665 0085 0002 1594 14  BIC   PZHSDE66XXX  with reference "Donation Deelfontein"